Product Description

The GreensBroom raises the bar on Scrub Seal and other sealer performance and efficiency. The patented design increases the effective surface area and improves brush angles which translates into significant performance gains. These designs control the emulsion into multiple directions, fillinglarge cracks, and pushing coverage deep into the road profile, as much as 1-inch into the aggregate.

The GreensBroom is available in operational widths of  4 feet, 16 feet, 20 feet, and 22 feet. This is acheived by an innovative approach to product design. Attached to the main frame are a range of different "wings" which are hinged and accommodate varying configurations. Front and back row of brushes are swivel mounted for greater brush control and adaptability to better grade the road surface as the project requires.

Product Details

GreensBroom is Made in the USA

We design, fabricate, and manufacture all our equipment in Indianapolis, IN

Product Features

Electric Actuator

With wireless remote for fast, smooth lifting and lowering.

Brush Technology

Improved brush technology for superior emulsion flow management.

Heavy Duty Frame

Rigid and strong frame able to take the daily work load.

Full Extension Width

Full extension, with different wing packages allows for 14 to 22 foot operational widths. Trailer width under 7 feet.

Flexible Wings

Adjustable wings allow for on-the-fly- road adjustments ans easy transport.

Adjustable Brush Heads

Easy to adjust brush heads for optimized emulsion spread and distribution.

Quick Change Heads

Quick-change brushes can be replaced by one person in 1 hour!

On-Board Power

Versatile, on-board power with built in overnight charging system.

Leveling System

Tow-bar leveling system with crank and four corner guidance wheels.

Interchangeable System

Many of the available parts and easily interchangeable and replaceable for easy repair and modification.

Here's the basic product information and specs to answer the simple questions. If you need additional information, don't hesitate to contact us.

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